Every man needs to find the best mustache wax to style and groom his mustache, and keep the whiskers out! Finding the best mustache wax helps open the world to the creativity of different facial capabilities. Though, there are so many options to choose from, but how can you choose? I was just like you, confused and didn’t know what to do! And so I decided to try as many waxes as I could, and write reviews on them, giving you the best waxes you could choose from! Through my journey, I’ve written reviews on the many waxes I’ve tried, not leaving a single behind!

This is a comparison chat for the top 4 best mustache waxes (Consider looking at #1 for the best mustache wax)! Hope it will have you more information to make the best decision!

Top 4 Best Mustache Wax Reviews:


1. Unscented Extra Firm Hold Mustache Wax

Unscented Extra Firm Hold Mustache WaxUnscented Extra Firm Hold Mustache Wax is the strongest/FIRMEST mustache wax hold in my opinion and the best mustache wax in my opinion, and can endure humid and hot climates much better than Wacky Tacky by Firehouse Mustache Wax. It’s best for ANYONE looking for a SUPERB mustache wax with a SUPER hold. The ingredients of this wax are made for a strong hold for any time and anywhere use. The wax is hand poured and has no scent which I like with a stache’ too.


  • Super easy to apply!
  • The MOST superior hold you can imagine, SO STRONG.
  • One application will last a whole day and a half! Even in hot and humid conditions!
  • Great for any mustache hair!
  • Can’t see residue
  • Made from scratch, hand made, hand poured
  • No Smell!
  • Made in the USA!


Wild West Beards really did “wow” me with the Unscented Extra Firm Hold Mustache Wax. It’s cost effective, hand made in the USA, STRONG HOLD, and is non greasy! This just makes the ultimate mustache wax! I will be using this a lot more often,  I can style my handlebar in ease 🙂 Read Full Detailed Review!

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2. Firehouse Moustache Wax: Wacky Tacky

Firehouse Mustache Wax: Wacky Tacky Wacky Tacky is designed to give your mustache a firm long hold, even in hot, humid conditions. It is ideally best for brown and black staches. The ingredients of this wax is a closed secret. Also, the wax does not include preservatives, fragrances or dyes/colors , though the natural smell is great!


  • Easy to apply, with superior hold!
  • One application will last a whole day! Even in hot and humid conditions.
  • Great for darker hair
  • Can’t see residue
  • Made from scratch, hand made
  • Awesome smell!
  • Made in the USA


I can use the same tin for months! This wax is non greasy and leave your stache looking shiny, and smooth. When you wash out your mustache it’s easy and simple! I carry this in my pocket almost everywhere! Firehouse was previously our best mustache wax, but it has finally been beaten by Wild West Beards in price and features! Read Full Detailed Review!

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3. CanYouHandleBar Secondary Moustache Wax

CanYouHandleBar Secondary Moustache Wax Secondary, is a natural mustache wax made with the finest ingredients (beeswax, lanolin, olive oil, coconut oil,  shea butter, vitamin E). The wax has a very firm hold and can hold your stache for hours!


  • Simple and easy to apply!
  • Great hold!
  • No scent to worry about.
  • Good for all types of mustaches
  • Natural ingredients
  • No mess
  • Made from scratch, hand made
  • Made in USA


Very stylish tin, and a great gift for someone. No fear if you drop it in water, all labels are oil and water-proof! Every mustache comes with a quick-start guide if you ever need help. Great to use in special occasions! Read Full Detailed Review!

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4. Wild Willie’s Mustache Wax
Wild Willies Mustache Wax

A handmade mustache wax, made in Georgia (USA). The wax is made with no Chemicals, Preservatives, Fragrances, or Colorants. The special ingredients in this are Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, and Tea Tree Essential Oil, and all wax is created with organic ingredients in the market.


  • Simple and easy to apply!
  • No scent
  • Great hold (4-6 hours)
  • Good for any types of staches
  • Can’t see residue
  • Made from scratch, hand made
  • Made in USA



If you’re trying to grow your hair into a longer style or it grows slowly, it contains healthy vitamins and natural oils to help protect hair from split ends and dryness. Nourish your skin and hair, while holding it in place. All round, great wax and good to use! Read Full Detailed Review!

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What Is Mustache Wax?

A wax or pomade used to keep the mustache hairs in place. Usually the wax will need to be heated to be used to style your mustache.

Why Use Mustache Wax?

This is specifically your choice, though I despise when my mustache interferes with my food! But mainly I love styling my stache, some people may have their mustache shape on their own, though mostly people use wax to get it done (like me).

Can I Make My Own Wax?

You CAN, though I wouldn’t recommend it because it may not be good enough compared to buying wax. If you buy it, all the work is done for you, and with an extra touch! Look above for my top 4 reviews for the best mustache wax, if you’re looking for best mustache wax. Though if you do want to make a simple mustache wax recipe (made by us) I’ve written an article on just that!

A Simple Mustache Wax Recipe!

Top Benefits of Mustache wax:

  • It helps you to shape/style your stache.
  • Keeps the food out of your stache!
  • Keeps you looking smooth and fresh!

How To Prepare Mustache Wax?

To get your wax in a workable state, you’re going to want to warm it up first. You don’t need to warm your wax, though it’s highly recommended to use the wax easily and to use the most out of it. There are a few ways to heat the mustache wax:

This video shows how to Prepare your mustache wax.

  • Keep the wax container in your pocket for an hour or two, and let your body warm it up. (Not Recommended since it takes too long)
  • Use your hair dryer on low heat setting to warm up the wax, and it get workable/usable. (Recommended)
  • Warm the wax container in hot water, or bring it in the shower with you.
  • You can leave it on the radiator or the air vent for a few minutes, and let it warm up.
  • Scrape some wax onto your fingernail, breathe onto it until it gets warm.

How To Apply Mustache Wax/ How To Use Mustache Wax?

You’re going to need to know this if you’re going to buy mustache wax! It is fairly simple to do, though the style you would like to do will take some time to master.

This video by CanYouHandleBar shows you how to apply the wax onto your stache.

  1. Use a good mustache comb (Recommended) or a stiff brush/comb and work it through your mustache, making sure all the hairs are nice and aligned.
  2.  Take the pre-heated mustache wax (The previous question explains how to do this), and get a little onto your thumbnail. Then spread your fingers, and make sure the wax is nice and smooth.
  3. Now I’ll brush underneath, and get the hairs out of my lip. Then go ahead and apply the majority of the wax to the ends. (If you prefer to curve your stache, use the wax and curve the ends.)
  4. Now do the same to the other side.
  5. Now I will, go back with my fingers, and brush down the loose hairs up top and then work it through that way.
  6. Add more until you have the stiffness you require.  I will use more when a stiffer application is needed for athletic events, then a lesser amount for a more relaxing day.

That’s it! If you would like a more flowing mustache, let your mustache stay like this for about 5-10 minutes. After that then, brush out your mustache and then reshape with your fingers, that’s all you have to do. If any hairs are out of place, or your stache doesn’t look right. Go through it over again with more wax.

If you’d like to curve your mustache at the ends or a simple handlebar (not as much curve needed), I’ll do this after step 4 or when I’m done:

  1. To curve the ends of the mustache, wrap your finger around them for a few seconds. It will be a nice even and symmetrical mustache curve.
  2. Do this to the other side, and your done!

How To Remove Mustache Wax?

If you don’t remove mustache wax for very (more than 12 hours) long periods of time, build-up will occur which might thus bring about blocked pores and weigh down your mustache.

Recommended Way:

  1. Take some hot water in your palms and start to rinse your mustache.
  2. Now take some soapy water and rinse your stache, keep rinsing till it is all gone.


(Not Recommended)

  1. Use your hair-dryer, and put it on low heat setting.
  2. Now aim it at your mustache for a couple of seconds.

This melts the wax and allows you to wipe it off. Now use soap to remove any extra traces.


Liquid, oil based moustache wax remover and conditioner.

How Much Wax Should I Apply?:

Sorry, there is not a standard answer for this question. Over time you will develop a feeling for your own personal taste and needs. Start out using a small amount, then gradually add more until you have the stiffness you require.  I will use more when a stiffer application is needed for athletic events, then a lesser amount for a more relaxing day.

Why Use Natural Mustache Wax Ingredients?

Avoid mustache waxes that contain unnatural sealants, petroleum jelly etc. As they will irritate your skin and will cause a deal of damage to your stache.

Where To Buy Mustache Wax?

You can find this question on our other page. But I’d recommend Wild West Beards to do so as they have a variety of waxes for a discounted price.

My Morning, Using Mustache Wax:

I apply a little wax after my morning shower, curl the ends tightly, and then use my mustache comb to align/groom my stache. The tight curl I made before will now be a nice flowing curl that last all day. I do find myself running my fingers through the curl of my stache throughout the day as a way of grooming the curl. If I’m going out for the evening I may add a little more, and repeat the above mentioned process. But more often than not, what I applied in the morning is still holding strong.

Best Mustache Comb:

Tangled, ratty beards have never been in style and (I hope) never will be. So in order to avoid compromising a magnificently perfect beard for one much less fashionable, it’s important to comb it out every once in a while. And by “every once in a while” I mean daily. You can do this by using…drum roll, please…beard combs/mustache comb! They’re arguably the most efficient way to remove knots and smooth out your facial hair.

I’ve had the opportunity to use several different mustache combs, and there are a few that really stick out in my mind:

1. Wooden Beard/Moustache Comb

Wooden Beard/Moustache Comb

Wooden Beard/Moustache Comb

This wooden beard/moustache comb is the best beard and moustache grooming comb. This is because of its great fine toothed comb made of fine wood. You can use this comb with all types of beard products, oils, balms etc. The comb is full of quality because of its great finish and can really last a long time in durability and use. The comb also absorbs the oils etc. from the beard products which makes it easier to run through your beard and moustache! This is a total awesome comb for all types of uses 🙂

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2. Kent Hand Made Beard and Mustache Comb

Kent Hand Made Beard and Moustache Comb

Kent Hand Made Beard and Mustache Comb


This simple comb is very handy to carry in your pocket. This mustache comb works fine with any types of mustaches, and beards. The quality of this comb is great, not your average dollar store item. The teeth of the comb handle my stache gently as a baby. The outcome is a top quality mustache comb that treats your mustache as if it’s master. I would highly recommend this product if you’re longing for a top quality comb for your mustache, which suites your budget!

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3. Kent Comb OT

Kent Comb OT

Kent Comb OT

I’m sure that it’s to no one’s surprise that Kent takes the lead again. This specific comb is handmade by Kent (just like their mustache comb), and it shows: hand crafted with high quality materials, refined with polish, and implementing both fine and coarse teeth that cater to all needs. Because of these features, the comb glides quite easily through even knotted hair, and it drastically reduces the amount of static that is generated during the combing process, causing your beard to be smoother and less frizzy than when combed with other brands’ utensils.

The comb is pretty long (six and a half inches), so it’s not exactly a logical choice for a pocket or wallet. However, I will say that it does look pretty fine on my dresser.

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Mustache Comb VS. Mustache Brush?

I’d only recommend a mustache brush when you have a long and great mustache. Mostly when grooming a mustache, use a mustache comb. I only use brushes (mustache brush or beard brush) when I need to groom my beard, or so (If you want to grow a beard remember to use beard oil too!).


As it can be seen, choosing the best mustache wax is not an easy task, especially as there are many waxes available. Make sure to condition your mustache once in a while, if you neglect it you could find breaking and splitting ends. The optimum wax is the one that matches your lifestyle, though all maybe suitable I recommend choosing from our top 4 waxes. They will sure fit your needs! Anyway, you decide which one is best for you!