Dandy Candy Moustache Wax

Dandy Candy Moustache Wax

Dandy Candy Moustache Wax


8.2 /10


7.5 /10


7.9 /10


8.2 /10


  • Great smell
  • Cost Effective Wax
  • Good quality
  • Easy to apply
  • It holds well for several hours
  • The smell of this moustache wax is very nice


  • Anything above about 95 degrees F outside and the hold will be gone
  • Scent smell will change if it is too hot

Dandy candy moustache wax is a holding wax that will be ideal who will choose to go green by organic products. It will be suitable who are sensitive to fragrances and dyes. If you are looking for natural moustache wax then dandy candy will be the best one to consider. It will hold moustache quite firm without making it feel hard like glued on.

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Dandy Candy Moustache Wax







Dandy candy moustache wax will be handmade with pure unprocessed organic beeswax as well as natural oils and it is petrochemical free. The features of dandy candy moustache wax are listed below

  • Dandy candy will be handmade moustache wax that will be comfortable to live a more organic lifestyle.
  • The ingredients in this product will be organic or natural.
  • Dandy candy moustache wax will be in good condition and holds hair well.
  • This wax contains no artificial fragrance and it has a clean natural smell.
  • It comes in an easy to use slider tin.
  • It will be less drying to the moustache and upper lip because it will contain no chemical dyes that will tend to work as drying agents.
  • This product provides a medium to strong hold.


I prefer to apply this wax which leaves moustache and beard looking as a natural. It comes packed with great organic ingredients like beeswax, mango butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil. This dandy candy moustache wax is easy to apply and smells great. Finally, this will be reasonably priced and certainly worth giving it a shot. This has to be one of the best mustache waxes because of its price and decent effective use in my opinion. I would definitely recommend this wax to someone on a budget.

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