Famous People Who Have Mustaches!

As you can see, most men in the world have mustache. People of all walks in life like some famous people have it. Their mustache is one of the reasons why they got or achieved that level of popularity. That’s why they treasure and take care of it every day. If you are interested to know the famous people who have mustache, these are listed below:

Salvador Dali

He is great and very famous artist because he often goes hand in hand. Some of the people stated that he wear a mustache because he was inspired to several dictators who also have it. His mustache is one of the main reasons why he became very popular. Walking stick, ever-present long cape, upturned, and haughty mustache is the appearance of his mustache. His line “Every morning upon awakening, I experience a supreme pleasure” support him to stay in the showbiz for several years.

Gene Shalit

Gene is book and film critic in the show “The Today Show” that is often played in NBC. Actually, he got popularity due to his mustache. He actually has an over-sized handlebar and he always wears colorful bow ties. He is a baseball player who was hit and ran by unknown car. Because of this, he stayed in the hospital for several months and he was so lucky because he recovered from that accident.

Teddy Roosevelt

He was one of the presidents of United States who have a long mustache. Teddy Roosevelt was an extraordinary bristle that makes him different and popular to a lot of people.

Kaiser Wilhelm I

He was the German Emperor who had a bizarre and sheer horizontal mustache. Aside from his mustache, many people know him due to his shiny hair.

Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa has a stache along with a subtle and perfect twirled mustache. He is one of the popular people who have a brave and manly personality.

Rollie Fingers

He is a baseball hall of famer who has a well groomed mustache that adds to his popularity. Rollie is included in the groomed players in the minor league career as a relief pitcher. Due to his impressive skills in baseball, he gains the Cy Young and American League MVP Award during 1981.
Aside from them, there are still lots of famous people who have mustache, and they are:

John Waters, Tom Selleck, Hulk Hogan, Geraldo Rivera, Freddie Mercury, Burt Reynolds,  Albert Einstein, Wilford Brimley, Clark Gable, Daniel Plain, Alex Trebeck, Walter Cronkite, Hussein Bin Talal, Steve Prefontaine, Wyatt Earp, Ron Burgundy, Friedrich Nietzsche, Mark Twain. These are the famous people who have mustache. Actually, there are lots of them, so if you are interested to know them all, you can for search through the web. Online is one of the best ways to gain more information about this. Aside from that, you can also read lots of information about mustache and the people who have it.

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