Firehouse: Wacky Tacky

Firehouse: Wacky Tacky

Firehouse: Wacky Tacky



    Long Lasting


      Natural Ingredients





          • Easy To Apply, With Superior Hold
          • It can last a whole day, even in hot and humid conditions
          • Great For Darker Hair
          • Non Greasy
          • Easy To Wash Out
          • Long Lasting
          • Natural Ingredients


          • It's so good you're going to use it all up!

          I think Firehouse Wacky Tacky mustache wax might be one of the best mustache waxes I’ve tried in YEARS (just behind Wild West Beards Unscented Wax). I can wear it for normal work days, or even out for special occasions, it meets every criteria. Brother, this is some good heavy duty wax. The only problem is when do I stop using it?! It keeps my ‘stache so firm, even my wife compliments me. So here I am writing a review, on one of the best waxes I’ve had. Well, I can just tell you it’s so damn good! Sometimes Tacky is a good thing 🙂

          Wacky Tacky Images:

          Wacky Tacky
          Wacky Tacky
          Wacky Tacky Colors
          Wacky Tacky Colors








          • Appears Dark but goes on Lighter in color and just gives a neutral finish to your stache.
          • It can be very hard to get out of the can, so remember to heat the wax (I’ve written ways to prepare wax on our homepage) or take little portions from your fingernail.
          • Washes out easy so no problem when washing it out of your mustache
          • You can use a small amount, and still groom your mustache
          • This tin is LONG-LASTING, I can use this tin for months!
          • Put it in your pocket, bag, suitcase anywhere, and it won’t leak!
          • Don’t expect residue when applying this wax!
          • FIRMEST grip you can imagine
          • Great Natural Smell


          Firehouse Wacky Tacky wax is great for anybody with a mustache, hence I rated it the best on the site! It’s made from natural ingredients, it works great in almost any weather (even rain!), and keeps your stache in pristine condition. The wax is non-greasy like when applied, and simply easy to apply, you can groom your stache however you want. This is simply the best mustache wax, ever.

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