Lockhart’s Heavy Duty Moustache Wax

Lockhart's Heavy Duty Moustache Wax

Lockhart's Heavy Duty Moustache Wax


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  • This moustache wax works great
  • It is cost effective to buy
  • This is the best ever moustache wax
  • It is easy to apply


  • Heavy duty wax which isn't that suitable for normal users
  • Melt it by soaking the tin in hot water

Lockhart’s Heavy Duty Moustache Wax will be specially formulated for the gentleman who wants the tightest curls and best control over their stache. This mustache wax contains natural and organic ingredients that help to the growth of the mustache and also strengthens your mustache hair for several years. The natural and organic ingredients present in this mustache wax is really so great and works well.

Lockhart’s Heavy Duty Moustache Wax Images:

Lockhart's Heavy Duty Moustache Wax


The important features of the Lockhart’s heavy duty moustache wax are given.

  • It works well not only mustaches but also on beards, goatees, and sideburns.
  • This Stache wax is made by hand and comes in a manly vanilla scent that is very nice.
  • With this handmade mustache wax, you can create different mustache styles that include handlebar, pork chops, sideburns, and beard.
  • It will keep your handlebars tightly curled all day long without needing to restyle.
  • This wax will have one of the heaviest formula and stickiest stache waxes on the market
  • Brown will be ideal with the dark moustaches.
  • This wax will contain natural scent with a slight hint of vanilla flavour.
  • The size of this moustache wax will be 1oz.
  • This wonderful moustache wax is perfect for using in various purposes. With this moustache wax, you can style your beard, moustache, sideburns, and eyebrows.
  • It helps to keep hair in place and it smells great.


Lockhart’s Heavy Duty Moustache Wax is one of the best waxes found in the marketplace today and the wax seems to work best. This great inexpensive moustache wax is really worth your money.

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