Unscented Extra Firm Hold Mustache Wax

Unscented Extra Firm Hold Mustache Wax

Unscented Extra Firm Hold Mustache Wax










          • Super easy to apply!
          • The MOST superior hold you can imagine, SO STRONG.
          • One application will last a whole day and a half! Even in hot and humid conditions!
          • Great for any mustache hair!
          • Made from scratch, hand made, hand poured
          • Can't see residue
          • No Smell!
          • All natural ingredients!


          I love wearing Unscented Extra Firm Hold Mustache Wax, it really works well with all mustaches. It contains all natural ingredients (beeswax and lanolin oil) which really replenishes the growth of your mustache hair and strengthens it for the years to come. There are only two ingredients in this mustache wax which makes it so simple, yet so great. Beeswax really works as an great alternative to petroleum jelly which most waxes use and is harmful for mustache hair. Lanolin Oil helps to cleanse, and refresh your mustche hair! I found that only using a little of the wax on my mustache really helped it style superbly! Really, all natural and such a strong hold?! I’m in!

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          Unscented Extra Firm Hold Mustache WaxUnscented Extra Firm Hold Mustache Wax_2






          • I love the handy size, it fits right into your pocket and you can bring it anywhere with you. In a bag, pocket, or anything at all!
          • I love how its Unscented, stops annoying fragrances from always getting into your mustache hairs.
          • A warm water wash gets out all the wax from your hairs
          • It cleans, and keeps your mustache hair healthy for years to come!
          • The strength of the wax is so incredible. You can style your hair into anything!
          • There are so many features to this wax you cannot write them all down! Just try it for yourself.
          • Very easy to heat the wax and use it, just scrape a small amount and breathe on it and BAM! It’s good for use!


          For anyone who wants a wax that keeps the mustache clean, healthy, rejuvinates it and replenishes the growth for the mustache for the years to come, this wax really does all of that! And with the extra firm hold styling features it has, you can’t go wrong with all the features!

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