Beaver Scooter Basil Mint Mustache Wax

Beaver Scooter Basil Mint Mustache Wax










Beaver scooter basil mint mustache wax is natural mustache wax that will provide a strong hold without leaving a white residue behind. You should have a small amount to mold your mustache in any direction desired. The 1 oz tin will be thin enough to keep in your pocket and it will have a screw cap to prevent damage to the product. Now it is a little expensive in my opinion for an 1oz wax, but by all means I’m not holding you back.

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Beaver Scooter Basil Mint Mustache Wax





The notes and features of this mustache wax large 1 oz metal packet tin will be given below.

  • It comes in a handy size with 1 oz and it fits well in your small pocket so you can easily bring this wax to anywhere you want.
  • This mustache wax cleans up easily and it offers amazing hold for any weather.
  • This wax made from 100% natural ingredients with beeswax and avocado butter base.
  • It works well not only mustaches but also on beards, goatees, and sideburns.
  • This beaver scooter wax comes in a manly basil mint scent that is very nice and it will have a clean
  • With this handmade mustache wax, you can create different mustache styles.
  • I love its ease of use but the price is a little hard to swallow.


Beaver scooter basil mint mustache wax is easy to use and it will do a great job with the entire mustache. You can do try a few different styles in your mustache hair with this mustache wax as its decent enough to get the job done. But at its price standpoint, you can get a much better wax at that cost with more strength and firmness. Decent wax for an casual styler! So try it out and see if its good for you!

[Update] We are no longer able to find this wax for sale anywhere.  We recommend our favorite Unscented Extra Firm Hold Mustache Wax, or buy direct:

Unscented Extra Firm Mustache Wax

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