Captain Fawcett’s Sandalwood Moustache Wax

Captain Fawcett's Sandalwood Moustache Wax










Captain Fawcett’s Sandalwood Moustache Wax is handmade with the finest natural ingredients. They give a pleasant aroma like lavender, sandalwood, and ylang-ylang. Also, this will be an ultra stiff wax and scraped out with the back of the thumbnail and warmed between the fingers and thumb before applying. The wax will go for long with one jar lasting for several weeks. It is handmade and poured as a part of the cooling process. This is called as the sandalwood formula.

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Captain Fawcett's Sandalwood Moustache Wax


  • Captain Fawcett’s Sandalwood Moustache Wax┬áis handmade using only the purest of natural ingredients and the finest sandalwood essential oil.
  • It contains 0.5 fl oz 15ml.
  • Keep this moustache wax warm in a waistcoat or pocket.
  • This wax has a pleasant smell and it will be quite easy to apply.
  • It is easier to work with than other product and it will not cause clumping.
  • This moustache wax sandalwood has a great stronghold.
  • It is a great hand poured Mustache Wax.
  • This mustache wax is easy to use and keeps your mustache out of your mouth.
  • It is a great mustache wax for handlebar curls.
  • It gives pleasant sandalwood scent and it lasts long.
  • Good quality mustache wax for the price.


This hand poured mustache wax will be easy to apply and smells great. It fits well in your small pocket and the hold is really great. So, take a try on this wonderful moustache wax! The only problem with this wax might be the scent but you can quickly get over it. It isn’t that bad to be truthful with you. And Captain Fawcett always provides high quality waxes!

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