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Death Grip Moustache Wax










Death grip moustache wax is one of the best moustache waxes that I have used. Your moustache will have a great deal of use for this wax. This wax will even hold through the night and acts as a great medium wax. If you are looking for a lighter moustache wax for easy daily grooming then death grip mustache wax should be considered.

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Death Grip Moustache Wax





Death grip mustache wax is awesome. If you have a handlebar moustache then this is the stuff you want. You will have a blow dryer to heat this stuff and moustache will come to evenly distribute from the handlebars by hand.

  • This moustache will work better and it will be easy to spread this wax to your moustache and beard.
  • The thickness of the moustache waxes will bring together all the moustache hairs.
  • The size of this moustache wax is simply great that is of 1 oz.
  • The death grip moustache wax comes with the applicator brush and comb so you will easily spread the wax around your moustache.
  • This wonderful moustache wax is perfect for using for various purposes. With this moustache wax, you are able to style your beard, moustache, sideburns, and eyebrows.
  • It helps to keep hair in place and it smells great.


This wax will be exactly as described. The only downside will be the fact that will takes the high temperature to soften it for use. If you use a comb it will become coated with wax and need to be kept hot in use.  But, the heat needed to apply is what makes the hold work so well!  I would compare it to Dandy Candy or our current favorite mustache wax.

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