Dubs Unscented Stache Wax

Dubs Unscented Stache Wax










Dubs Unscented Stache Wax has come out with different variations of mustache wax for quite some time. The wax itself is soft to the touch and is very easy to get out of the can. For instance, this is great because it doesn’t need to be warmed, but it isn’t ideal because firmer waxes need heat and have the best hold.  Also, the wax is unscented so the scent doesn’t annoy you.

Regarding the hold, it is “regular” as Dubs classifies it. So the hold you’re getting is not going to be “SUPER STRONG”, but decent if you’re going out for an hour or so. Don’t expect to use this wax all day as the hold really gets weak after a few hours.

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Dubs Unscented Stache Wax


  • Great size, 1.3 ounces is great
  • Really good for taming an unruly mustache!
  • Super good for handlebars
  • Natural ingredients!
  • Only good for short periods of time
  • Good for any type of mustache hair
  • Not a very firm mustache wax
  • You run out of the wax very soon as you have to keep applying if you use for long periods of time which depletes the wax very quickly
  • Some say it has an irritating itch


Now if you’re going to apply Dubs Unscented Stache Wax and use this wax only for certain occasions and not all the time its good for that. But if you use this wax all the time I DO NOT recommend it as it has a very weak hold, and can only last for max. 1 hour with an application. Compared to other waxes this isn’t a great one as it doesn’t really hold up that well…but the size of the tin is great for the price you can buy it for. Those are just my two cents feel free to try it out!

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