Famous People Who Have Mustaches!

Gene Shalit

Gene is book and film critic in the show “The Today Show” that is often played in NBC. Actually, he got popularity due to his mustache. He actually has an over-sized handlebar and he always wears colorful bow ties. He is a baseball player who was hit and ran by unknown car. Because of this, he stayed in the hospital for several months and he was so lucky because he recovered from that accident.

Teddy Roosevelt

He was one of the presidents of United States who have a long mustache. Teddy Roosevelt was an extraordinary bristle that makes him different and popular to a lot of people.

Kaiser Wilhelm I

He was the German Emperor who had a bizarre and sheer horizontal mustache. Aside from his mustache, many people know him due to his shiny hair.

Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa has a stache along with a subtle and perfect twirled mustache. He is one of the popular people who have a brave and manly personality.

Rollie Fingers

Rollie today

He is a baseball hall of famer who has a well groomed mustache that adds to his popularity. Rollie is included in the groomed players in the minor league career as a relief pitcher. Due to his impressive skills in baseball, he gains the Cy Young and American League MVP Award during 1981.

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