Gentlemen’s Cut Mustache Wax

Gentlemen's Cut Mustache Wax (Vanilla & Tobacco)










Trying to find an inexpensive wax which is also 1oz is a little hard, but Gentlemen’s Cut Mustache Wax fit into the cut. Here’s three main things to look for.

  1. It needs to have a great hold to last throughout the day.
  2. ALL NATURAL, no petroleum based waxes.
  3. Easy to style with.

Gentlemen’s Cut Mustache Wax is Vanilla & Tobacco scented so if you don’t like scents, I wouldn’t recommend this to you. If you don’t mind the Vanilla & Tobacco scent, this is a great. You may need to heat this wax but that’s won’t be much of a problem. Once you finish heating this wax its very easy to handle in your hands and in your mustache. Basic handlebars are great with this wax. Want to go with more advanced styling? This is a medium hold wax so no, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Gentlemen’s Cut Mustache Wax (Vanilla & Tobacco) Images:

Gentlemen's Cut Mustache Wax (Vanilla & Tobacco)

Gentlemen’s Cut Mustache Wax (Vanilla & Tobacco)






  • Really good non greasy wax.
  • Scented so if you hate scents, not recommended.
  • Medium hold wax, so don’t expect great things with it when styling
  • Good for general use
  • You can get rid of the 1oz tin in just a few months!
  • If you have super wild hair, it most likely won’t be able to tame it.
  • Great ALL NATURAL wax.
  • Fits my 3 main criteria


This is a great casual use wax. It can last throughout the day with only one application, and the hold is decent. Though you may use up the wax fast, the price is great so you can buy another one with no problem. Handlebars? Good for you, trying to do different styles, not really your forte. Nonetheless good wax for beginners doing only handlebars and still on the way to grow more facial hair. Don’t expect to tame a beast mustache with this, look for something more durable.

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