Mr. Natty Natty’s Moustache Twizzle Wax

Mr. Natty Natty's Moustache Twizzle Wax










The Mr. Natty Natty’s Moustache Twizzle Wax is gaining in popularity in the past few months. I decided to try it out and see how the hold, and see how it stacks up to the other waxes I’ve tested. Right off the bat I can smell a lemon sort of scent, so if you don’t like scents go with something unscented or more comfortable. I heated the wax easily, very soft and fresh feel on my fingers when applying. Application is great, but hold is terrible for the price and size. Casual use it may be fine but for styling and long term, you’re going to get rid of this wax FAST. If you’re from the U.K you might love this wax as its made in London, but I’m all U.S.A 🙂

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  • Any temperature is good for this wax
  • Very very small tin can
  • You’re going to get to use a lot of wax as the size is pretty small
  • VERY expensive for the size you get.
  • Fits right into your pocket, good if you travel or go out a lot
  • Made in England, not the USA.
  • Hold is not great but good for casual use
  • Soft and easy to work your hands around (you still have to heat the wax).
  • Lemon scent, not unscented so if you hate scents not recommended for you.
  • Not a good wax for styling in different ways, only handlebar.


Some say the smell is very hard to get past, so if you don’t like a lemon scent, not recommended for you. Whereas, if you can get past that and you only plan to use this wax for casual styling: Handlebars, taming and the basic stuff should be fine. Want to do extreme styling, this won’t cut it at ALL. Look another way then! The size also is quite small for the price you get, the same price you could get something such as the Unscented Extra Firm Hold Wax for cheaper and MUCH MUCH better hold. But this is a pretty “OK” wax if you won’t do much with it and you’re willing to spend the money for it.

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