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Mustache Wax CVSIf you love to style your mustache, you will love using this wax. Once your mustache grows longer, you’ll really notice the need of mustache wax. This is really needed if you plan to groom and style the wax. The reason – you’ll start chomping on it as you eat or sip your soup. Many of those who accidentally ate up their moustache decided to wax their own. Yet since those new to waxes are not used to having their moustache style, it can be a little bit of struggle to do your moustache right. It doesn’t do any harm if you are going to look for ways on how to use the moustache wax. Along the way, you will find various recommended brands to use on your moustache. What you will find here is a review of mustache wax cvs.

A good review means everything that you need to know about the product. This is an unbiased review and for seeing how the product works, it will be up to your own judgement whether or not you are going to buy it after reading this.

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Is Mustache Wax CVS Good?

Mustache Wax Walgreens (Pinaud Clubman Mustache Wax)

CVS mustache wax is a very popular brand of mustache wax mainly because of the price and mediocre hold factor. The most popular one they had was the Clubman Moustache, which was then replaced with the one that is available today. It is simply labelled as CVS pharmacy moustache wax (mustache wax CVS), which is ideal not only for moustache but also for eyebrows, beard and sideburns. Offered at the $10 zone, it is a very affordable wax to use that even comes with its own comb.

But upon using it, the quality of the mustache wax cvs is even not at the standard level at all. It is just like pouring out from a lotion bottle. It was very messy to apply it on the moustache. The smell is something you can live with, but the hold is not great. Others who have also used the product had the same experience as well. The quality of the product itself does not do any justice. No matter how much of the wax is on the mustache, it will still go droopy. And has a bit of those “fangs” coming out of the form. Happening every hour, it really gets annoying.

The only thing that makes the product really nice is the comb itself. It was able to spread the wax evenly through the moustache. Just be careful of bringing the comb along with you and keeping it inside your pocket as it is not durable enough. This is the same wax as the mustache wax walgreens!

If you are looking for wax for your moustache, it is best to avoid this one. But if you are in dire need of wax at the moment, this might work for you. This is only known at the moment because of the name of the developer, mustache wax cvs not to mention it is readily available. This might also work for you if you like to do things over and over again.

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