Oregon Wild Hair: Mustache Wax

Oregon Wild Hair: Mustache Wax










Oregon Wild Hair Mustache Wax is made by a sculptor with an incredible mustache – and he is based in America….like all my products! My favorite thing about Oregon Wild Hair Mustache Wax is that it’s non-water based. The musk is both a pleasant odor while not conflicting with other fragrances you may have: whiskers oil, cologne, antiperspirant, etc. It has entirely average hold, is useful for those fresher to waxing as it’s fairly simple to apply and not particularly fiddly. It additionally can accompany a tube and brush, when buying the product.

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OWH Mustache Wax! Oregon Wild Hair: Mustache Wax






  • Average hold, good for people new to waxing.
  • I discover this wax exceptionally viable for a delicate hold. It holds the fundamental shape/stream of my mustache throughout the day, yet you should brush or utilize your fingers to reshape your mustache in the event that you go out in the downpour or overwhelming wind.
  • The wax is simply easy to get out of the tin. Warms up easily between the thumb and forefinger. Easy to apply. I use very little, for a soft hold and like how it works. It is a little greasier and less sticky than Firehouse Wacky Tacky.
  • Not all ingredients are natural


When I first used this mustache wax, I despised the scent, however now I enjoy its mellow and honey scent now. I would suggest this wax for a delicate, streaming hold. Attempting to utilize it for a firmly styled mustache would leave your upper lip feeling overwhelming and oily – however that is regularly the case with most waxes when going for a “tight” style. When using the wax it softened up very easily and was easily combed through my mustache without tugging at any of my hairs. Overall good wax though, I’d recommend Firehouse WT for primary use though you can still use this wax, almost as good. This wax is well for special occasions, and going out!

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