Percy Nobleman’s Moustache Wax

Percy Nobleman's Moustache Wax










By popular demand, I have tried the popular products of Percy Nobleman’s Moustache Wax These oil and moustache was will come packaged neatly in plastic shrink wrap and bubbles. Starting out with the oil and aware that will not smell. It is scentless and will be nice if you are using other nice smelling products.

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Percy Nobleman's Moustache Wax


Percy’s moustache wax will be the perfect tool for sculpting and tailoring your moustache. The properties of wax will allow you to reshape the look all day. This wax is made with the finest blend of beeswax and argan.

  • It comes in a handy size and it fits well in your small pocket so you can easily bring this wax to anywhere you want.
  • This mustache wax cleans up easily and it offers amazing hold.
  • This is a great hand poured Percy nobleman’s Mustache Wax.
  • This mustache wax is easy to use and keeps your mustache out of your mouth.
  • I really love the tiny size of the Percy nobleman’s Mustache Wax and it fits very well in small shirt and pant pockets so you can easily carry it along with you.
  • It is a great mustache wax for handlebar curls.
  • The scent of this mustache wax is nice and it is made by hand.
  • This mustache wax contains full natural and organic ingredients to strengthen your mustache hair.


The wax will be pretty much invisible and the hold is decent. It will not really get solid or firm. If you are just starting to grow a handlebar mustache then this will be the perfect starter wax.

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