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Wild Willie's Mustache Wax










Wild Willie’s Mustache Wax natural offering is hand-made in Georgia and excludes any chemicals, colourants, additives or scents. On the off chance that your hair develops gradually or you are attempting to become out to a more drawn out style, this wax is jam-pressed with sound vitamins and natural oils to shield hair from split closures and dryness. Sweet almond oil gives vitamins A, E and B and in addition omega unsaturated fats for shine and well-being. Tea tree crucial oil includes a fresh, charming aroma and refreshes your skin. In the event that you need to feed your skin and hair, all while holding it set up, this wax is intended to do only that. The 7 natural ingredients for an awesome wild willies mustache wax.

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Wild Willie's Mustache WaxWild Willies Mustache Wax







  • Very stiff, recommend for those who need styling help
  • Quite difficult to wash out, you must use a wax remover to do so
  • All ingredients are all NATURAL!
  • This wax moisturizes your skin, and also keeps your skin and stache healthy and well!
  • Less wax compared to competitors
  • Not as long firm hold, you will have to reapply
  • This mustache wax is #1 Best Selling stache wax in Amazon, with 800+ reviews
  • Excellent for stray hairs!

Conclusion for Wild Willies:

If you’re new to mustache wax, I would recommend this product though, Unscented Extra Firm Hold Mustache Wax is better for newbies to mustache wax and for normal usage. Though this wax is still good, and has a decent hold, you might have to reapply sometimes depending on the humidity etc. Also this wax is fully made from natural ingredients, it helps your skin (moisturizes it), and keeps it free from artificial chemicals which is terrible for your skin and mustache. I would very highly recommend this mustache wax for anyone who is looking to tame an unruly mustache that doesn’t require a firm styling hold!

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